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Our touch panels set standards.


Since its foundation in 1992, T2M2 has been committed to the art of mechanical and technical perfection. At our location in Gießen we manufacture high-quality T2M2 touch panels and touch panel PCs for home automation that are as individual as your home. Another product area are our industrial panels, which are used in machine control and plant construction.


For all products we focus on highest quality, longevity and intuitive operability. From the first draft to the last handle – all handmade with love for detail. more


In addition, exchange monitors for Heidenhain, Siemens, Fanuc, Bosch, Philips and many others can be purchased directly from us:


Exchange monitors


Präzision in der Heimautomation

Design Panels für den Wandeinbau




phone: +49 (641) 96221 – 0
fax: +49 (641) 96221 – 18


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Kunst der mechanisch – technischen Perfektion

Our Partners

A good service is caused by fast negotiation  and good communication between  trade partners.

Our long-standing relationships give us the possibility to recognize problems and to develop new solutions from which the system integrator and the end user will benefit.


Through years of cooperation with our partner the LCN Issendorff KG was able to realize great solutions with full LCN compatibility and thus to obtain the acceptance also in the LCN bus sector.Every panel can be delivered with LCN´s visualization software GVS as well as with integrated PKU interface. This ensures the electrical contractor company a time advantage in addition to full compatibility with the supplied hardware.



T2M2 produces touch panels since 1991 and started to establish itself in the market of building automation and home automation on EIB and KNX level since 2007.The Company is also a certified KNX member since 2009..


Agency abroad

In order to provide our customers with the same professional advice and support outside of Germany   we constructed a network of specialized companies.




Kunst der mechanisch – technischen Perfektion